A technical guide to buy the right bed bug mattress cover – Questions to ask before buying a bed bug mattress cover

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Bed bugs are the most irritating and dangerous infestations on the mattress. No mattress sale Denver can provide a permanent solution to this problem. However, the problem can be put to an end by buying the right bed bug mattress cover. As bugs can live without food and oxygen for 5 continuous days, it is not easy to kill them. However, it is easy to prevent them by creating a hostile environment for their survival. Therefore, the cover should include all these factors.

Here are some questions to ask before buying a bed bug mattress cover.

Do the bed bug encasement kill the bugs?

 Bed bug encasements from mattress sale Denver do not kill the bugs. They make them starve. After a week’s starvation these bugs die. The mattress encasements trap the bed bugs inside them when they are tightly zipped to the mattress. There are no gaps for the bugs to get through.

What kind of material is right for a mattress bed bug encasement?

 The encasement should be made of a breathable fabric. This is because the characteristics of the mattress from the mattress sale Denver should be maintained. For instance, let us assume that the user likes to sleep cool and has specifically bought a mattress with good air circulation, like that of latex mattress. If the bed bug protector is hard and restricts air flow to kill the bugs, the purpose of the mattress would be lost.

Do these bed bug protectors help to stop bugs from biting the user?

 Yes. The bugs do not have teeth. Therefore, they can’t chew the encasement. Their proboscises cannot penetrate the fabric as well. Hence, they can’t bite the sleeper when they are trapped inside. They also prevent the new bugs from entering the mattress mainly because of their special smell that are averted by the bugs.

Do regular mattress protectors work for bed bugs?           

The mattress encasements for bed bugs are expensive. They are different from ordinary mattress protectors in mattress sale Denver. The mattress encasements cover the entire mattress. It is like putting a mattress inside a box. Therefore, the bed bugs cannot move in and out. On the other hand, a mattress protector covers only the top and sides of the mattress. They are meant to protect the mattress from dirt and stains.

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