Are you planning to visit a lovely place for your vacations? Give Stockholm, Sweden a shot!

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We all think of some beautiful place to visit with our families in summer vacations or any other break we all get together.  Well, what about an elegant harbor-side place? If your answer is Stockholm, you are right!

You will find a rich culture and history of Stockholm in the museum and the sleekest, dynamic, and updates/upgraded buildings. Go through the free walking tour Stockholm to witness the highlights of the place!

Culture of the place is seen at various locations. There is Gamla Stan, also known as the old town of Stockholm. It displays the ancient and medieval time that the place had witnessed. There are homes of royal families of Stockholm built here. You get to experience this history and culture in the various museums, parks, and art galleries that conserve the divinity of the area.

Sleek and modern architecture is also visible in Stockholm. Visit any coffee shop, and you would see that it is an upgraded style luxury. It is a place where everything is uniquely designed and ranged. You would witness professional in the architecture of the museums and other building like city hall etc. on the other hand, you will see object made by local people with passion and perfection to give a warm touch up to the place.

A city with world-class food, Stockholm is famous for meatballs and mini sausages. Well as much as the new menu is an appeal, stockholders also carry their traditional Swedish dish along with every modern food-related idea. The ingredients of the food come directly from the Mother Nature residing in the fields and forests and nearby water bodies.

Lastly, it is genuinely a reasonable place to visit, and I assure you that the expenses you face here will be worth it.

The city is called the Venice of the north and the beauty on the water; well, I think and believe that it diverse both the titles.

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