Best Guide About The CSGO Screen Resolution And Aspect Ratio

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You must have seen many players who play CSGO online and stream on different services like Twitch. But have you ever wondered that what setting they do that makes their gaming even more interesting and amazing? You can look for the Xantares CSGO config file and settings.

These things play an important role in gaming because without proper setting and everything; a person may not be able to play at their best. When you talk about the video setting, the main thing that comes to mind is screen resolution and the aspect ratio.


There are any CS players who love to play the game on their old monitor because they do not want to change the settings. These players also do not use the clear 1080p HD, as they have about the low quality of screen but just because they are handy about that.

Aspect Ratio

Another thing that can consider by a player while playing CSGO is the aspect ratio of the screen. The most common aspect ratio that people use is 16:9, and if you have bought a new monitor, you should go with the 16:10 because that may help you with the settings, and you will get handy.

The next and the old school type of ratio is 4:3, and if you get this, it will stretch your screen.

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