Building a Cheap DIY AR Device

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If you are frustrated with the prices of some of the augmented reality headset on the market, you can decide to create your own DIY version of your own. It might not be that classy, but at least, it will be a start to an AR which is a more affordable option in the future. You should be ready for a visit to the local shop for laser cutting and plastic bonding in order to finish up with your DIY AR.

The local laser cutting shop will have to shape the plastic parts for you, bond the pieces together, hack and polish them together with a preview concept app utilizing the augmented reality toolkit. The final step will be to place your phone on top of the device and look through the viewer window. You will be satisfied with what you see.

The device will be able to integrate the digital information into your view of the true world, providing a view which is composite that will be a representation of augmented reality and it will definitely look sleek.

The exciting thing that you will find out about this whole project of DIY AR is, with it, you are likely to build a future mobile app which you will then incorporate with the camera of the phone, together with the hand tracking, and at the same time, ensure that it remains affordable.

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The experience of coming up with an augmented reality device on your own might just be a stepping stone as it will bring you together with those around you closer to the experience of having an AR that is accessible and affordable. The device will then be used to show you and the other users to check out street signs and other big arrows on the street.



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