Consider Few Things To Attract New Patients And Retain Old Ones

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Google is loaded with information on finding the right family doctor. However, there are few more things that the physician needs to add in their healthcare practice to attract new patients and retain the existing ones.

First impression – The receptionist answering the phone actually represents you. It is the potential patient’s first impression related to your practice. It is vital that the voice answering phone calls is professional, sympathetic, and caring. This is the key for retention of patients.

Second impression – On their visit to the clinic, if the potential patients feel unwelcomed like the staff members do not respond to them appropriately then this can cause patients to avert, even if you are a great physician.

HIPAA compliance – The patients sit in the triage area for getting their heart rate, temperature, and BP checked. If the back-office staff speaks loudly about a patients personal information seems to be unprofessional and violation of HIPAA rules. Therefore ensure that the staff speaks carefully and in a low voice.

Importance of hygiene – The cleanliness in the waiting and restroom reflects the management of the clinic. As a patient, hygiene is vital.

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Avoid support staff dependency – Doctor’s time is demanding, so it makes it impossible to give adequate time to each patient. Therefore reading the chart prepared by your support staff and making a conclusion without even communicating with the patient is a poor way of treatment. You are not sure that your support staff listens to the patients.

Bill issues – Listen to patients, if they complain about billing process. You can handle this hidden issue, which you would not be aware of otherwise. Take instant action, if multiple patients complain.

These small things can cost you just a few minutes but makes a lot of difference in your reputation.

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