Consider Several Things While Hiring Employment Attorney for Discrimination or Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment and discrimination are still common amongst workforce, even if laws have been passed to prohibit employers act with discriminatory intention. Sexual harassment or discrimination act is an embarrassing and personal situation, which makes it stressful for the subjected employee to file a complaint.

Many victimized employee fears to act because they may be harassed or even experience retaliation. Fortunately, Orange County sexual harassment attorney can empathetically and competently help you in case you get trapped in such circumstances. A lawyer can handle cases from investigation to trial or settlement.

When you hire an employment attorney to defend your rights then consider some of the following things.

Solo practitioner or legal firm

Your employer will obviously be represented by a huge law firm. So, it is crucial to have a law firm with equal footing to fight for your legal rights in case of sexual harassment or discrimination behaviour at workplace. If you hire solo practitioner then ask who will represent you if the lawyer goes on vacation or gets sick. What will happen, if your employer’s big law firm tries to bury your attorney in paperwork?

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Make sure whether the law firm practices only employment laws or deal with other legal areas. Do they represent both the employer and the employees? Do they practice in state and federal court? Did they mediate at EEOC or privately?

Paid vs. contingency fees

Several law firms ask for upfront charges to review the case and extra money for upfront retainer. Make sure to look for a lawyer, who offers initial consultation free and charge attorney fees only if they win the case.


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