Debunking the myth of heat generation in latex mattresses

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Most individuals have a common misconception that latex mattresses are hotter to sleep on. However, contrary to these misconceptions, latex mattresses are not hot. One of the reasons is the confusion that latex and memory foam are similar. Far from it, the design and construct of latex foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses are quite difference. Here is a look at the reasons that prove latex foam mattresses from Mattress Sales Fort Worth are not hot to sleep on.


Greater air circulation


Latex foam mattresses from Mattress Sales Fort Worth permit improved air circulation. As a result of this the temperature in the mattresses are relatively cooler, making it much better to sleep on. This is because of the open cell structure of latex foam. Made from rubber, the foam blocks comprise open cell structure which automatically facilitates increased airflow. Apart from this, latex foam mattresses have pin holes which facilitate ventilation. The combination of open cell structure and pin holes help to increase the cooling effect.


Structural designs help improve airflow


Another advantage of the open cell structure is the possibility of creating airflow in the mattress. When occupants of a latex foam mattress move on the bed, the open cell structure expunges air. This creates airflow within the mattress, helping to cool it and not retain heat. This is an intrinsic design advantage that is not available in other mattress designs and materials. Additionally, the movement also creates a suction effect, which helps to suck and remove the air.


Very soft mattresses increase heat retention


Latex foam mattresses are not very soft. Mattresses that are very soft and figure contoured tend to retain more heat. As more area of the mattress comes in contact with the body, the amount of heat that is retained is more. Latex foam mattresses from Mattress Sales Fort Worth do not retain heat because of a design which is not very soft and body contoured. Memory foam mattresses are known to retain more heat because of this body connected design.


It is always a good idea to use a mattress with the right mattress cover. A mattress from Mattress Sales Fort Worth that has exceptionally good cooling qualities will surely be warm, if the mattress cover is of a material that is not breathable. The combination of the mattress design, materials, and the mattress cover contributes to a cool sleeping experience. It is therefore necessary to compliment a good cooling mattress with rite cover and proper maintenance.

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