How a Simple Lie Detecting Instrument Works

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Lie detectors are one of the simplest forms of instruments used for the detection of lies. A lie detector is an instrument which is used for the measurement of blood pressure, pulse, and respiration.

They cannot tell you if a person is lying or not but the instrument operates by the assessment of the skin’s resistance which will down as and when the person lies. Hence, the instrument has a very simple working procedure.

During the course of testing, the skin of the subject goes down when the subject lies. It is because whenever the subjects lie, they feel nervous and uncomfortable. This particular reaction results in the skin to go down. It shows how it can be detected whether the subject is lying or not with the help of the lie detecting machine.

This simple instrument may not be a very high tech one as the expert and advanced machines, but it can prove to be of great help in the assessment of lies in a number of situations. These instruments find a wide range of applications like in the forensic department, police department and for domestic purposes as well for detecting the lies. For more information about lie detectors, please visit,

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