How Ear Stretching Kit Is Gaining Popularity?

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Teenagers have been always open to the idea of ear piercing for decades, but today the trend is to go for ear gauging.

What is ear stretching?

  • Having a larger than average hole made in the ear lobe
  • This allows to wear variety of jewels and plugs
  • Ear piercing starts with a normal hole, which gradually is stretched more using special plugs to enlarge the holes

DIY ear stretching kit

  • Ear stretching kit can be done with professional help from piercing parlour or DIY at home using special kits
  • In the market, you can buy different kinds of ear jewellery to help enlarge the hole and simultaneously complement your looks. Get More Info about Ear Stretching KIT, please check soscene

Is bigger ear stretching size better?

  • No size rules
  • Depends on personal preference and ear skin
  • Some like huge say around 50 mm
  • Popular size in the past was 6 mm to 8 mm
  • Current trend is 10 mm to 12 mm

Popularity statistics

  • There is hardly any figures found related to ear stretching popularity
  • However, it is not associated with niche but is becoming very common
  • Today, not just film celebrities but small screen TV stars come in search for ear gauging kits
  • Piercing parlours have even witnessed solicitors and doctors visiting their parlour for ear piercing

People do it because for aesthetic reasons. They believe it gives them good looks.


  • Ear piercing history takes you centuries back in the past
  • In Egypt, mummies were discovered having stretched ears
  • Buddha statues are seen with dangling lobes
  • Many tribes are recognized for their big lobes

In the past, large ears were classed as, ‘sign of knowledge’ and today it is the looks.

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