How to make a mattress firmer? – Step by step inexpensive guide to make the mattress firmer

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A broken mattress will keep the user awake all night. His body is set on an unsuccessful mission of searching comfortable positions all through the night. This is mostly because the mattress becomes too soft after a few months of use. Replacing the new mattress from mattress sales Mesa is an expensive option. Here are few tips to make such mattress firmer.

Plywood boards

Some mattresses begin to become softer as they lag proper support. If left unattended, they will begin to sag.And there are no solutions for sagging other than replacement. To solve this problem, insert ply wood between mattress and bed frame. This will provide additional support and enhance sleep at night.

Adjust room temperature

The mattresses get affected by temperature. Especially memory foam mattress from the mattress sale Mesabecome soft in warmer temperatures. Adjust the thermostat to keep the mattress firmer.


In order to prevent faster worn – out of mattress, use flat and smooth bedding. Use a sheet that is of the same size as that of the mattress. Make sure the sheet is elastic so that it can stick to the mattress strongly. Create pressure on the mattress by pulling tight side to side and from top to bottom.

Mattress topper

Use a mattress topper from the mattress sale Mesa.It also offers comfort apart from making the mattress firmer. The users who are unable to afford expensive mattresses can opt for these toppers. Especially memory foam mattress topper is a good alternative for those on tight budget.

Box spring

Change the box spring to make the mattress from mattress sale Mesafirmer. The coils of the box spring loosen as they wear – out. A mattress loses its firmness if the coils loosen. In such cases, the box springs are at fault and not the mattress. Fix the springs or buy a new foundation to restore the firmness of the mattress.

Replace the plywood

The plywood should be strong enough to support the weight of the mattress. Some mattress manufacturers recommend metal frames to certain types of mattress like memory foam mattress and latex mattress. If not supported properly, the mattresses tend to become soft eventually. Talk to the manufacturer to fix the problem before replacing the ply wood.

Flip the mattress

As the mattress begins to become softer, flip the mattress upside down. This gives time for the mattress to recover to its original firmness.

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