How to select a mattress according to your body weight and body shape?

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A comfortable mattress is the key component to maintain a healthy weight. Widely known fact is that regular diet and exercise help to maintain good body weight. Along with the two, regular and comfortable sleep pattern is equally important.

Inadequate sleep leads to weight gain. Therefore, it is important to prioritize the choice of mattress in mattress firm Washington Square based on the buyer’s weight

Here is a guide to select a good mattress based on the user’s body weight

As a first step, one should calculate their BMI – Body Mass Index before buying a mattress to suit their weight.

How to calculate BMI?

BMI is the measure of body fat. It is the difference between a person’s height in centimeter and weight in kilograms. If the BMI is less than 18.5 the person is underweight. If his BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9, he is healthy or average weight. If his BMI is greater than 24.9, he is overweight.

Mattress features that fit BMI

Above average body weight

Over weight individuals should opt for a mattress of thickness between 6 and 16 inchesfrom the mattress firm Washington square. Higher the BMI, higher should be the thickness. If the buyer prefers a comfort layer, it can be between 3 – 4 inches thick.For people having higher BMI the following can be the choices

  1. Adjustable air mattress
  2. Innerspring mattress
  3. Hybrid mattress

Apart from thickness, one should also look for a firm top layer. Perceiving softness is based on the individual’s weight. It varies among overweight individuals.

Below average body weight  

It is easy to find a mattress for above average body weight persons. However, if the person is underweight, he would be disappointed even with the mattresses meant for average weight persons.He should opt for a soft mattress. Latex mattress and memory foam mattress are the best choices for underweight individuals.

While finding a mattress in mattress firm Washington square, these persons should get a soft and thin support layer.

Average body weight

Of all the 3 categories, finding the mattress for average body weight persons is easier. The mattresses with average softness and average thickness will be ideal for average body weight individuals. They can opt for any type of mattress latex mattress, memory foam mattress, inner spring mattress from mattress firm Washington Square.

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