How Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Harm Kid’s Brain Functions?

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Children suffering from learning disabilities need to eat nutrient dense foods. It helps them learn to pay attention in school.

  • Nutrient deficiency impacts the function of a kid’s brain.
  • Reversing this deficiency helps to enhance focus and memory.

Doctor prescribes to check the children’s nutritional levels, at the laboratory before approving memory supplements.

How lack of Vitamins affects kid’s brain functions?

  • Vitamins are found in leafy greens and fruits.
  • Vitamin B is vital for kid’s brain development and deficiency can cause learning issues.
  • Thiamine deficiency causes numbing effect on the kid’s brain, which can be damaging.
  • Riboflavin deficiency triggers brain dysfunction.
  • Memory loss is due to lack of Niacin
  • Lack of vitamin B-12 can source delayed development and brain deterioration.

How minerals are crucial for kid’s brain function?

  • Iron is essential mineral for cognitive functions and development.
  • Lack of iron leads to poor thinking, low IQ, and less problem-solving abilities
  • Iodine deficiency reduces a Childs IQ up to 12-14 points.

How Omega-3 improves focus?

  • Omega-3 is healthy fat, which brain cell membrane needs.
  • Body does not make it, so has to be incorporated in your diet.
  • Omega-3 deficiency impacts focus abilities.

Tips related to supplement intake

  • Vitamin supplements need to be given under medical supervision.
  • Never give kids high dosage then recommended on the label.
  • Ask the pediatrician because kids with special medical conditions or diets need more caution.
  • If kids are taking supplements watch the intake of their foods. Make sure they are eating a diet loaded with vitamins.

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