How You Can Get Passes in Episodes to Move Forward

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The episode game is gaining massive popularity with 10 million downloads from Google Play store alone.

The game has an outrageous story line with funky cartoons which is quite engrossing for users. This article will talk about how to get free passes in episode.

There are various methods available to collect free passes in the episode game.

Wait for more passes

  • The first and the most convenient option is to wait for the passes to regenerate by itself. It takes around four hours to recharge, and you will get three free passes once it is recharged.
  • This option is suitable for people who have the patience to wait, and once it recharged, you can play further.

Referral links

  • There are certain links which are legitimate,and by clicking those links, you can claim for free passes.
  • However, these links only work once, and therefore you should be able to make good use of them.

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Episode Hack

  • One can earn more currencies and unlock all the stories by using one of the most efficient tools,and that is Episode hack.
  • By using episode hack, you will not only be able to collect an unlimited number of free gems and passes but will also make things easy and quick.Check Out, If You Are Looking For how to get free passes in episode.
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