Important Buying Considerations When You Shop for a Mattress

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When you are sure which mattress you are going to purchase at Mattress Portland, the next thing to do is to purchase and order your new bed to the house. All retailers and mattress brands have different policies and thus, it will be best if you inquire first before you place your order. Check Website:

The following are some of the things you should know:

  • What is the wait time for a mattress to be delivered?

Get to know how long you are going to wait after you have paid for your mattress before it is delivered to your premises. Brands which offer free delivery normally do it through third parties such as Mattress Portland. The delivery will be done through services such as FedEx and UPS with the expected wait time being between 3 to 7 business days in most of the cases. But if you are located in a remote area or an address which is outside the contiguous US, you should expect to wait longer and the delivery might be at an extra charge.

  • Brands offering in-home assembly

There are some brands which sell at Mattress Portland which offer what is normally referred to as White Glove delivery. This means that, when you purchase such a brand, it will include in-home packaging waste disposal and assembly. It is a service which might be offered for free, but in some instances, you might be required to pay an extra amount on top of the purchase cost. Ask the salesperson to let you know what exactly you will have to do.

  • Old mattress removal

You will come across some mattress companies selling at Mattress Portland who offer mattress removal offered with their own courier services. If that is the service you want to get, then go for such mattress companies.

  • Sleep trial

Most retailers and mattress brands do offer sleep trials for their mattresses. This is the time where you will be allowed to try out the mattress for a specific duration and ifyou are not satisfied, return it for a refund or an alternative.  Mostly it is done within the 90 days after you make the purchase but it might vary from one brand to the next; between 30 to 365 nights. There are some sellers who offer lifetime returns and thus, no need for a dedicated sleep trial.

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