Infant CPR-Why You Should Know How to Do it

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Do you have any idea what you should do if you baby starts to choke? What would you do if your child fell into the pool and when pulled out, he or she is not breathing? Do you call 911 and wait for minutes waiting for help to arrive? Wouldn’t you feel helpless seeing your child like that and not be able to do anything about it. Most people do exactly that since they fail to take the infant CPR class once their baby arrives. While they prepare the room for the baby, get new clothes and other things, they forget to take the CPR class that can save their baby’s life.

You need to start CPR as soon as you find that your child is not breathing as it allows air to be pushed into his brain and prevent the baby from dying. If you have taken adult CPR before and know the technique, would you be confident to perform it on your baby? Would it help your baby or make the condition even worse? This is the reason to-be parents and new parents should take infant CPR class before their baby is born to make sure that they can help their child if something bad happens.

According to statistics, thousands of children below the age of eight die of choking and drowning every year even when adults were present and could do nothing about it. None of the adults knew how to perform infant CPR and were mere spectators waiting for emergency medical team to arrive which often delays the treatment and the child is already dead by then. This is the reason why there is growing need for parents to take infant CPR class to make sure that they do not let their children die in front of them.

It is always beneficial to take CPR classes and be CPR certified. If you do not have the time to attend one, the best thing you can do is by a CPR video. There are two advantages of it –

emergency medical team

  • You can connect the DVD player to the TV and put the DVD in and turn it on. Everyone in the family can see it together, including family and friends and learn CPR at the same time.
  • You can also give the DVD to your child’s caregiver or nanny so that they too can learn CPR while they are looking after your child.

You will make great parents if you learn how to do infant CPR.

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