Look for These Signs Before Replacing Your Mattress

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It is essential to get a good sleep at night to remain healthy but unfortunately there are thousands of people, who do not get sufficient sleep. As per the study made by the NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION (NSF), it was found that about 75 per cent adults do not sleep well.

The study also showed that 60 per cent among the respondents experienced sleepiness during daytime that interfered with their regular activities that caused various mistakes in their job and also absenteeism from their work.

Various medical conditions could be responsible but one of the important causes of bad sleep was found to be due to your mattress, which was the major issue.

You must therefore look for seven signs so that you can decide whether it is right time to replace the mattress.

Your mattress is more than 7 years old

  • Mattresses are not created to last too long
  • Likely to wear and tear

The sagginess of the mattress has increased

  • Material of mattress has weakened
  • Cannot bear the weight

Your spine misaligned during your sleep

  • Bed does not give enough support

Your mattress is too uncomfortable

  • Comfort layers have worn out

Feeling of soreness when you wake

  • Firmness of the mattress has reduced

Worsening asthma or allergies

  • The protein present in dust mites can cause asthma attack and allergic reactions.

You lost or gained weight

  • Inadequate or excessive sleep can cause change in body weight
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