Poe chaos orb a golden currency

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Chaos orb is a currency of path of exile it s used to buy items, adding Mods and Zana in the map device. If you are in Path of Exile you will always need Chaos Orbs, it is dropped by Arcanist’s Strongboxes, slain monsters, and destructible containers.

When chaos drop in POE?

On the level 10, you can find chaos for the first time in “The Prisoner’s Gate” but It starts dropping from level 12 enemies, in this game magic monster gives you +1 and unique monster gives +2 to zone level.

How to use Chaos Orb vendor recipe?

To use it you need to vendor all set of rare types of equipment item from level 60 to 74. And the recipe consists of: –

  • 2x one-handed weapon 2x rings
  • 1x helmet, 1x body armor
  • 1x amulet, 1x gloves
  • 1x boots, 1 x belt.

If you have included a quiver or forgot to include two rings the recipe won’t work, it is important to use each and everything in a proper manner to get Chaos Orb.

How Chaos Recipe worth?

It is the quickest way to quickly earn extra currency but is good to use it in the early league because all rare and unique items are way cheaper than the later. Because of this you can level up quickly and collect few dozens of Poe Chaos Orb. This is also affected by the strength of your character.

Types of Chaos Recipe: –

  •  Vendor full set of rare and yielding 1 chaos orbs: – this is the first recipe which most of the player used to do.
  • Vendor full set of unidentified rare, and two yielding chaos: – it is a bit trickier due to this very less player use this recipe.
  • Full set of 20% quality and rare items, yielding 3 chaos orbs: – it is probably impossible to do only brilliant player can do so else this recipe is not possible.

Crafting with chaos orbs: –

You have to use hundred of orbs to craft it or you can use the crafting bench to add mods to rare items in path of exile games. When things got expensive then it is possible to trade with chaos orbs and earn more of it.

Hence, the more you play the more you will understand the game and its working, it has many exciting features which drive you to a different level.

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