Skin Glow Vs. Botox – which is the better choice?

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The skin is a very sensitive organ that requires constant care and precautions to keep in the perfect condition. Any stress, pollution and exposure to sun manifests as dark spots, fine lines and uneven tone of the skin. To reverse these effects and to ensure that age effects do not start becoming too pronounced, people take different types of measures. Botox is a popular option. However, now the market also offers the option of skin glow, which is a natural product for skin care.

Botox – pros and cons

The Botox treatments constitute of pushing in injections of the botulism toxin in to the skin to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. The injections numb certain facial nerves to give immediate results. However, over use might lead to paralysis of certain facial nerves giving the face an uneven appearance.


Skin Glow – pros and cons

This product is made up of natural active ingredients that work together to firm up aging skin and banish lines and wrinkles just as effectively. However, the results will only be apparent after consistent use over a period of a couple of weeks. You will however, suffer no side effects from this product and the final effects are long lasting.

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