Tips for Losing Weight after Pregnancy

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There are several ways you can lose weight after giving birth, and one of the most important ones is to make sure you ‘move’ around. You do not have to go in for heavy exercising initially. Walking is extremely beneficial. You could take a walk around your block and each day walk a bit further. Once you go past the 6-week mark, you can do half an hour cardio exercises three times a week.

Make sure you breastfeed your baby. During breastfeeding, you burn around 800 calories daily. Avoid going in for all fad diets. Instead have nutrient-foods such as fresh fruit, whole grains, vegetables and dairy products which are low in fat. Frequent small meals in a day are better than having three large meals.

Ensure you have enough sleep. Whenever the baby is sleeping, you should also take a nap. Lack of sleep due to childbirth can upset the body’s metabolism and make losing weight more difficult. Once you feel you are ready for a bit of weight training, you could look at going in for postnatal fitness training under the guidance of a certified personal trainer. This is a sure way to speed up your body’s metabolism. To learn more about losing weight easily after pregnancy, visit catchyscoop.

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