Top controversial managers in England football!

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Managers are the professionals who handle the football team or club and have all the responsibilities such as the formation of players, planning, strategies, gameplay, etc.

Without a manager, a football club cannot get success, especially in highly competitive leagues such as the English premier league. There are numerous England football managers who have been a part of the Premier League, but some of them had a good experience, and some of them have a bad one.

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There are some English managers who attracted a lot of controversies and were in the headlines throughout the premier league.

Few of the immensely controversial Football managers in England

Alex Ferguson

If we talk about controversies, then Alex will undoubtedly be in the top spot. He is the English football manager who has attracted the most controversies.He had great rivalries with other coaches, and no one can forget the incident in which his flying boot hit David Beckham and caused him an injury that required stitches to heal.

Jose Mourinho

Jose is one of the most popular football coaches because of his fantastic character and personality. Despite his great success as a manager, he always has been a part of some controversy on as well as the off-field. He invited a lot of controversies, and one of the most popular ones out of all was the ‘poking’ in the eye of the Barcelona manager.

Brian Clough

He is one of the most iconic football managers in the history of football. He led his team to win the European league for two times. His controversial interviews with the BBC always kept him in the news and made him some of the highly controversial England football managers.

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