Types & Functions of Dog Collars

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Despite general belief, dog collars serve much more than adding to the visual delight. They serve numerous purposes and thus are available in wide varieties accordingly. Let’s glimpse through a few of them.

The most common and popular one is the traditional collars. They are crafted from different materials and in different styles. Fitting around the dog’s neck, they have a loop to which a leash can be connected. These are basically used to add an identification tag or a medical tag.

Another favorite collar is pet harness which is preferred because it does not tug on the dog’s neck. They are a better choice for energetic dogs as they cannot wriggle out of it, unlike a traditional collar. These are also ideal for dogs that pull sleds or for the dog that jog or rollerblade with their owners.

Next is the choke collar which is ideal to remind the dog that you want his attention on you. It also works terrific in rectifying and controlling the dog. This collar is only used during the training sessions and when you want to enforce commands on the dog. It should not be worn at other times.

There are numerous other dog collars like prong collars, electric collars, etc. which serve various other functions.

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