What are the Different Types Of Arthritis known to Man

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Arthritis can be of 100 different types, while some are common others are quite rare. While most have the same symptoms in one way or the others, they also have their own unique symptoms. Here are some of the most common types of arthritis –


  • It is among the most common form of arthritis and takes many years to develop.
  • Most people do not notice them till the symptoms starts to worsen and make it impossible to carry out different tasks. Find more info about Types Of Arthritis, please check cure arthritis.

Juvenile Arthritis

  • There is a number of different arthritis that comes under the heading of Juvenile Arthritis that mainly occurs in children.
  • Some of the symptoms in kids are swelling in joints, inflammation and pain.


  • Lupus is a disease where the immune system of the body is upset and cannot fight foreign bacteria.
  • Lupus is quite difficult to diagnose as most of its symptoms are just like any other illness.


  • In this type, crystals start to build in the body and cause pain in the joints.
  • If excess uric acid is not passed out through urine, it can lead to excess amount of it in the blood causing  huge pain.

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