What are the Industrial Applications of environment-friendly Hydrogen electrolysers?

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Hydrogen electrolyser are used in the production of hydrogen. The process involves splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. Hydrogen electrolyser is emerging as a promising option of renewable source of energy. It plays a crucial role in building the Hydrogen economy without any adverse effects on the environment.

At cathode- Water at the cathode combines with electrons from the external circuit to form hydrogen gas and negatively charged oxygen ions.

At anode- The oxygen ions pass through the solid ceramic membrane and react at the anode to form oxygen gas and generate electrons for the external circuit.

Hydrogen electrolysers are classified on the basis of the type of electrolyte material.

1.Used at hydrogen vehicle refuelling stations

Production of hydrogen by water electrolysis is achieved by using Hydrogen electrolysers. Hydrogen stations are the filling stations of hydrogen which is used for the operation of Fuel cell electric vehicles.

Pure Hydrogen produced using hydrogen electrolysers is stored in a buffer tank. Hydrogen electrolysers split water into hydrogen and Oxygen. The by-product ( NOx) is reduced to minimum by employing special techniques.

  1. Hydrogen electrolysers are used to generate oxygen for the International Space Station.

Hydrogen fuel has wide range of applications from vehicles which are powered by the hydrogen fuel cell to the space station and military vehicles. Hydrogen electrolysers are used to produce hydrogen which is used in industries and day to day life.

  1. Hydrogen produced by electrolysis prevents greenhouse gas emissions

Although Hydrogen can be produced by numerous methods such as coal gasification and natural gas reforming, hydrogen produced by water electrolysis by hydrogen electrolysis did not release greenhouse emissions and proven to be environmentally friendly.

  1. Safer than other highly dangerous fuels such as gasoline or natural gas

Risk reduction by safety equipment such as leakage detectors and design measures prevent any possible primary hazards. This makes hydrogen electrolyser an attractive alternative for vehicles and other applications which require hydrogen as a fuel.

  1. Cost-effective

Hydrogen electrolyser is an excellent source of renewable energy. The efficiency is slightly better than PEM electrolyser. the hydrogen fuel cell uses more than 55 per cent of fuel energy which makes it cost competitive with a conventional source of energy

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