Why Air Ambulance Is A Good Option Than Charter Aircraft?

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Air ambulance versus truck ambulance

  • The concept of air ambulance is similar to truck ambulance.
  • The only difference is that the former flies in the air and latter is driven on the ground.

Examples why air ambulance are vital

Patient needs medical flights in specific situations.

  • If a tourist has suffered from spinal fracture, heart attack, 3rd degree burns, kidney failure, etc then instant medical attention from best doctor or surgeon is needed.
  • Hospitals need air ambulance to transport an organ [for organ transplant cases] from one location to another within specific time frame.

Medical insurance providers disagree about using air ambulance to transport patients.

Air ambulance versus charter operators

  • Air ambulance operators offer comprehensive service starting with ground crew to dispatchers to highly trained flight medical crew with wide experience in handling challenging situations.
  • Charter operator’s medical crew may at times not possess needed flight experience, which ensures optimal patient safety.
  • During sudden health deterioration between initial diagnosis while boarding the flight and arrival at foreign destination.
  • Air ambulance has expertise and equipment to handle worst-case scenarios.
  • air ambulance hires medical crew, which is trained in using equipment employed in foreign countries, which charter operators crew may not be familiar with.
  • Hygiene in air ambulances are paramount, which may not be handled properly on chartered aircraft.

Air ambulance design

  • Design of air ambulance allows easy patient transfer from hospital ambulance to air craft.
  • Seriously injured or ill patients, who are bound to stretcher, need cautious horizontal loading & off-loading to maintain their health stability.

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