You must include these general instructions when going to the immigration clinic

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The medical examination is a crucial part of the visa application, and in this examination, all the body parts are tested by the well-experienced doctors.

These doctors are appointed by the immigration council, and they have specific guidelines on which your whole test is based.

If you search on the internet, you will get a list of a large number of immigration clinics and make sure that you have chosen the right clinic, which has the validity of a particular time.

If you do not have much knowledge about it, then you are advised to go through the below mentioned points, which will surely assist you in getting the right immigration clinic for your medical examination.

The below-mentioned points must be included by

 Must carry your identification proof

This is the most essential thing that you must consider when you have booked the medical examination at the immigration clinic in Canada. You should not forget to take your identity proof, which has your photograph along with your signature proof.

And only the national identity will be considered valid, so make sure that you are carrying the original identity proof.

Past medical reports

This is the other document that you must carry with while having the medical examination at the Panel Physician North York Immigration Medical Centre as they have the detailed analysis of your body parts and if you were undergoing through any kind of medical treatment in your past times, you have to provide them the full details of it and the treatment you have taken for that issue.

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